Training a lynch scenario

Training a lynch scenario

Instructor course – Switzwrland 9.2016 We started at 0600 am ! Here the guys are training a lynch scenario Objective of the drill – determination Oss

Instructors – switzerland – 9.2016

Say hello and good morning to the first ever combat krav maga international instructors in Switzerland! !!!!!! I expect that we will be a major force in this beautiful country Thank u Riesen Oliver our national director for all the hard work Love u man 🙂

Fundamentals of long rifle magazime thrust defence

Instructor course – Switzerland – 9.2016 We r building thinking instructors No body holds secrets to krav maga ( altough a few will want you to believe that ) We urge the instructors to analyze a problem and to come to a useful , realistic solution Look at how we go through the process of analyzing and the ability of the students to come to a solution even if it’s the first time they encountered this specific problem Why they can come up with an answer ? Because we teach principles and we teach thinking Of course it’s not clean technique – this must be trained 10000 times to be useful in reality And no – I don’t think somebody will bayonet u soon – it’s only an example 🙂