Oliver Riesen

Country Director Switzerland

Oliver is a former member of the SWISS Grenadier Military SF Units, have 6 years of experience as a security agent and bring with also skilled experiences in Finance & New Business Development on an international level.

Additionally Oliver is the Owner of STRIKEZONE “combat sports academy” in Zürich-Oerlikon He also owns other 2 companies of where company is a sports company supplying equipment, apparel for sports (Martial Arts) and offer complete fittings for gyms world wide and another company where he supplies Equipment to Law-Enforcement/ Military Units and to the Security Environment.

He trains and practices MUAY-THAI since 24 years and competed until 2010 in Switzerland & Thailand on a professional level, trains BJJ & MMA since 5 years and teaches MUAY-THAI and Krav-Maga on a daily base.


  • Former Member of Swiss Military SF Unit
  • Former Security Agent
  • Economical Experience Finance/ New Business Development
  • KravMaga Instructor since 2016
  • Former MUAY-THAI Competitor since 24years
  • 5 years of experience in MMA & BJJ
  • Headcoach & Owner STRIKEZONE “combat sports academy”
  • Owner of Sport Equipment Supplier Company & Company for Ballistic Products/Intervention

Trough increasing tensions all over, especially in Europe, he came to the conclusion that the time is now to do something useful and not only to sharpen individuals survival skills but also sensitivise their awareness, assertiveness and give them a full understanding of a violent situation.

From all the Systems he know he was most convinced by CKMI (Lior Offenbach).

So in 2015 he has contacted Lior if he might be interested in holding a seminar at STRIKEZONE in Zürich. This was the moment when we have met through the Krav Maga Seminar, organized by Oliver and hold by Lior. This was the start to bring COMBAT KRAV MAGA into Switzerland and bring a change into the local and national scene.

“In the meanwhile, we already held 2 more seminars plus an instructor course, have now 3 academies teaching CKM, held special courses at ESA in Poland in corporation with LANS Group and even are honored to have Police Units training with us….and we are growing”.

”Beeing in a big family, sharpen your Instincts and train to fight for survival.”

We train HARDER. We make better FIGHTERS.


On our team we have high-level experts from the police, military and self-defense. That means they didn’t get their skills in the lab alone, they have tested them in real life too. That is why we can – and will – tell you what works and what doesn’t.


We are very passionate and honest about our krav maga. We don’t only teach you how to FIGHT. We teach you how to SURVIVE! We are a team of highly-qualified, trained professionals distributing Krav Maga as it should be.


We are realistic, affordable, efficient and highly skilled. We don’t do sugarcoating. We won’t sell you what you don’t need and we make sure your time with us is worth every penny. Remember, with us, you become a better fighter. Not just a survivor.