Mark – Ultra Krav MAga

Country Director UK

Marc has been a student of Krav Maga since 2005 and in that time has studied many of its various forms – under such associations as IKMF, KMG, UKM before finally joining CKMI in 2014.

Marc has also studied several various combat sports (from an early age) including boxing, Taekwondo and judo but truly found his passion when he discovered Krav Maga. After completing the entire student Krav Maga grading system Marc undertook the 28-day instructor course in 2011 with KMG – passing with the joint highest possible (G2) pass grade.

In 2015 Marc accepted the honour of becoming the “Combat Krav Maga” director for the UK

During Marc’s journey he had undertook several expert courses – including several MMA/UFC grappling & striking seminars as well as passing an intense 7-day F.A.S.T Instructor Course (Firearms Active Shooter Tactics) in 2013 in Poland.

 Martial arts & Instructing experience

  • Expert 1 level Krav Maga
  • Boxing
  • Firearm Active Shooter Tactic Level 2
  • Judo
  • Childrens Krav Maga Instructor

”If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. If they stand infront of you, defeat them”

We train HARDER. We make better FIGHTERS.


On our team we have high-level experts from the police, military and self-defense. That means they didn’t get their skills in the lab alone, they have tested them in real life too. That is why we can – and will – tell you what works and what doesn’t.


We are very passionate and honest about our krav maga. We don’t only teach you how to FIGHT. We teach you how to SURVIVE! We are a team of highly-qualified, trained professionals distributing Krav Maga as it should be.


We are realistic, affordable, efficient and highly skilled. We don’t do sugarcoating. We won’t sell you what you don’t need and we make sure your time with us is worth every penny. Remember, with us, you become a better fighter. Not just a survivor.