Enis Mazhar Tayman

Mazhar Enis Tayman became a Krav Maga instructor in 2016.

Enis has been engaged in Krav Maga for seven years in Turkey. After his seven years of training, Enis came to the conclusion that “Combat Krav Maga International” was one of the leading Krav Maga Systems around the world.

Following studies in Germany, Enis received his “Krav Maga Instructor” diploma in 2016.

Enis, who operates his own Krav Maga Academy in Istanbul, the KIDA CLUB, thinks that training women against violence is of absolute importance…

Enis has been offering seminars as part of a social responsibility project to women who haven’t had the opportunity to defend themselves …


Martial arts experience

Enis pursued shotokan karate for 2 years… After engaging in some aikido, Enis became acquainted with Krav Maga while traveling in the United States. He duly began training in this fighting style in 2009. Apart from Krav Maga, Enis also pursues boxing.


2016 yılında Krav Maga eğitmenliği diplomasını alan Mazhar Enis Tayman 7 yıldan bu yana Krav Maga çalışmaktadır.

Combat Krav Maga International tarafından geliştirilen tekniklerin dünyadaki en işlevsel krav maga uygulamalarından biri olduğunu düşünen Enis, eğitimini ve çalışmalarını bu yönde devam ettirmektedir.


Halen İstanbul’da kurduğu KIDA CLUB bünyesinde krav maga çalışmalarını yürüten Enis, aynı zamanda boks sporuyla da ilgilenmektedir.

"Krav Maga for me is the discipline of not giving up; even under difficulties"


On our team we have high-level experts from the police, military and self-defense. That means they didn’t get their skills in the lab alone, they have tested them in real life too. That is why we can – and will – tell you what works and what doesn’t.


We are very passionate and honest about our krav maga. We don’t only teach you how to FIGHT. We teach you how to SURVIVE! We are a team of highly-qualified, trained professionals distributing Krav Maga as it should be.


We are realistic, affordable, efficient and highly skilled. We don’t do sugarcoating. We won’t sell you what you don’t need and we make sure your time with us is worth every penny. Remember, with us, you become a better fighter. Not just a survivor.